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Data Insights

Deep Dive into Data

Derive business intelligence with advanced data analytics and visualization engine. Primarily built for education, retail and health-care industry, we have expanded our solutions to include other industries with a more generic approach to integration with deeper insights custom built to fit the business need of organizations big and small.

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Reporting, Visualization
  • Market Data Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Sales Analytics

Machine Learning

Handle Burgeoning Data Sets With Ease

In the Digital era, there is large volume of data that is available from our day-to-day interaction. Machine Learning (ML) with its available palette of algorithms helps companies derive meaningful insights and predict outcomes which a human-eye can miss. From preferable price points to fraudulent claims, ML helps organization in identify their weak links in product marketing, promote sales strategy and improve ROI's. Following are some of the application areas which we work on

  • Text mining & classification
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Image recognition, classification & tagging
  • Customer behavioral economics, Segmentation
  • Mapping and recommendations
  • Time Series analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Fraud , Anomaly Detection
  • Assets Planning

Content Services

From Strategy to Integration

Content exist in all forms from images to data in various forms. We work with clients to understand their data set, identify questionable problems, architecting a viable solution for improved storage and classification are some of the activities that we work with our clients.

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Distribution
  • Content Management
  • Content Migration
  • Content Analytics
  • Content Classification
  • Content Sanitization
  • Legacy Content Integration

Cloud Migration

Doing Business on the Net

Acestra has a dedicated support team of AWS professionals to offer reliable, cost-effective, security enabled Cloud solutions to migrate, manage and monitor your Organization's products and services online. Our wealth of experience have enabled customers migrate their servers and solutions onto Amazon's EC2 instances on Linux and Windows. If you are thinking of Cloud, think of Acestra as your Solution Partner. We can help you migrate a part of your network or build a server solution right from the start with faster delivery and lower cost.

  • Cloud Consultancy
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Automated Deployment
  • Cloud Cost Advisory
  • Cloud Operations
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud DevOps


Following are some of the technologies that we had used to build and maintain solutions for our clients.